partial edges

PartialEdges is a photobook published during my residency in Leh with FarsideCollective and RoundThemOranges in Sept 2021. During the micro-residency I developed a series of photographs and prints, following are a few pages from the book. 

The city of Leh is currently undergoing a massive infrastructural boom, with a significant percentage of residents converting their houses into homestays and hotels as the capital's primary mode of income relies on tourism. Documenting construction materials, the following piece is an ode to the city as the materials imprints it's coming future. Montaged with a small poem where these materials form a sensual environment within the format and express  their/our desires. 

Mingle together 

Swim along the way

Forced to touch;

Awkward hug, partial shake

Leave us alone

The cold water withers


Hardening me

Load me up

I’ll finish sweeter.

Addictive behaviour!

I breathe a little

Skin wears off

A false cover hides me;

Am I lying to myself? 

Or just others? 

I stretch A little 


Crack up, as the sound echoes

Let them moisten me,

Explode with wonder;

Free to feel

Standing alone; exposed!

warmth rushes over 

Tied together; strengthen me!

Searching for a cover 

Hardening over the edges 

I'm still gooey inside 

Can I crack open? 

Can I ooze out?

Hold me until you can't;


Come closer, make me dirty 

Make me feel needed until I’m not 


Let me cover you 

Let me make you stronger 

I'm free but contained 

Let me make me stronger 

The darkness scares me 

Why so grey? 

Do I deserve the colours?

Do I need the colours?

Get inside

Find your path 

Help me come closer 

Help me stay longer 


Cover the mess

Tight and tough

Smile through the pain

A moment, please 

I'm not ready

What's the rush, 

Go slowly, 

I won't slack! 

Will I?...

The partial eyes

Make me insecure 

Hide me now

Ethics don't count 

I'm loose, 

Mould me 

I'm hard 

Break me 

I'm fragile 

Hold me